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Open House Therapy

Arvid Madland Lyngnes

First of all, does the world of real estate really need another podcast? Although there are several podcasts out there, focusing on sales, marketing and technology. and others again focusing on real estate, agents and agencies. We didn't really find a podcast who combined these subjects in the way we wanted to. This first episode is about the necessity and potential within customer retention. It is about what customer retention is worth and how to achieve great customer retention “If your agency's customer retention is just 10% better than your toughest competitors.Your agency will outgrow them within 5 years.” In general, the open house therapy is a podcast for estate agents on a) how to find and close inn assignors. b) how to present and sell your listings and c) how to increase the value of your services. Furthermore the open house therapy will tell you all about trends, techniques, theories, systems, tools, platforms that you as an estate agent can use to gain a competitive edge in your market.

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